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Professional transcription and administrative services designed specifically to suit your business's needs.

Real-time secretarial services within the Ottawa-Carleton region

Generalized and Specialized Transcription

We have multiple clients spanning across many fields, all of them happy with our transcription service catered to suit your needs.

Legal Document and Word Processing

Not so sure about your important documents going out? We provide an editing and proofreading service which will save you many headaches.


Have an audio file you need a written copy of? We can professionally format and dictate them up to the highest standard.

Adminstrative Services

Need some extra mangerial help? We’re here to step in and make sure your business (and paperwork!) are running smoothly.

Dale Forrest

Dale Forrest is the owner and operator of EBA, she has been doing transcriptions for over 20 years and is experienced with transcribing in person and over the phone. She has professional experience editing medical, legal, and other types of documents. 

Past Transcriptions / Clients:

– Transcrbe Ministry of Labour Witness Statements

– Legal proceedings for the Superior Court of Justice, from Examinations for Discovery for various litigation matters

Transcribe legal proceedings of the Cambodian Genocide Trial; the Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal; National Energy Board proceeding; Federal Court and other legal proceedings
– Transcribe Telephone interviews for Energy Savings, for CEATI International Inc. to provide electrical utilities with cost  effective energy savings.

Who is EBA?

Our aim is to provide professional secretarial and administrative support services to corporations that either do not have their own secretarial pool in-house, or who are administratively overloaded.

Offering a full range of unique services to suit the individual
client, EBA will provide real time services to a variety of professions within the Ottawa-Carleton region.


Our mission statement is to provide high quality, time-responsive and cost-effective services with the highest possible quality of work to every client. We guarantee consistent customer satisfaction with accuracy and reliability every time.


Many companies have their staff working in “typing pools” and, as a result, have had to shut down. This created a need for transcription services to be performed for medical organizations. EBA is proud to have answered that call. For the past many weeks, our staff have transcribed a great many medical transcriptions for a number of front line medical operations. Secretarial pools at hospitals remain closed and the work still needs to be done. Our staff, free of charge, have risen to the challenge.

Our clientele have no concern because of the fact that all our work is handled electronically. Your files travel both ways electronically and our conversation is by telephone. Our transcribers work from the comfort of their own home offices so they remain protected.